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Huawei’s traffic information processing patent is authorized

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According to the information, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.’s “Traffic Information Processing Method and Device” patent was authorized, and the publication number is CN110956799B.

As per the patent information, the application embodiment maintains the traffic operation in a timely manner, so that the driver can learn the accurate dynamics of the traffic lights in real-time, and solves the problem of traffic safety caused by the failure of the traffic lights and/or traffic signals.

This application embodiment provides a traffic information processing method and device. The method is applied to the first server and includes:

When it is determined that the traffic light and/or the traffic signal is faulty, the congestion indication information is obtained from the second server. The congestion indication information is used to indicate whether congestion occurs in the traffic environment where the traffic lights and/or traffic signals are located.

Huawei's traffic information processing patent is authorized




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