Huawei discloses patent for power adapter

Huawei has published a patent for “A Power Adapter and Its Manufacturing Method”, with publication number CN113242670A. According to the patent details, the power adapter includes a housing, a circuit board assembly, and a first heat dissipation part. The housing has an accommodating space inside, the first end of the housing is provided with a line interface, and the second end of the housing is provided with a power connector.

Huawei Power adapter patent-1

The circuit board assembly is arranged in the accommodating space, and the circuit board assembly is electrically connected with the circuit interface and the power connector. The first heat dissipation portion is wrapped around the circuit board assembly, and there is a gap between the outer wall of the first heat dissipation portion and the inner wall of the casing.

When the above structure is adopted, an air layer is formed between the first heat sink and the housing, which increases the thermal resistance between the circuit board assembly and the housing, and reduces the heating components of the circuit board assembly to the housing.

Huawei Power adapter patent


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