Huawei applied for coffee trademark

Huawei has applied for the trademark related to a cup of coffee that absorbs cosmic energy. The international classification is: 43-catering and accommodation, and the trademark status is pending substantive examination.

Huawei Xinsheng Community published the article “General Manager Ren’s Speech at the Symposium on Comprehensive Management Improvement” in April 2021, which mentioned.

Sitting together over coffee and chatting, the way of thinking will blow out. Some of you didn’t want to understand, and suddenly someone pointed it out for you . He is unintentional, and you are in the shadows. This is the value of coffee investment. The famous philosopher Socrates did not write, he just chatted with people all day long, and it was the articles of others that recorded his thoughts and produced Greek culture.

The effect of “1+1>2” is that the working group needs to drink coffee across fields. If you drink coffee with the reform party, and drink coffee between the working groups, you may find different opportunities. A little spark from him just inspired you. It was originally two cups of coffee, and you drank another cup of spiritual coffee. Isn’t it “1+1>2”? Therefore, the working group must communicate repeatedly with the reforming department. Drinking coffee is a form of communication. If you don’t have coffee, plain water is fine, or you can get an empty cup.

In August 2021, Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei will plan more than 100 cafes in Huawei’s Shanghai Qingpu base, which are suitable for modern youth, attract all talents, and create an atmosphere suitable for foreign scientists to work and live.

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