Huawei publishes patents related to Quantum chips and Quantum computers

Huawei published the invention patent related to the Quantum chip and Quantum computer” the publication number is CN114613758A.

The patent details show that the present application provides a quantum chip and a quantum computer, which relate to the field of quantum computing technology, so as to solve the problems of difficulty in manufacturing quantum chips and low yield .

Quantum chips provided by this application include:

  • A substrate, M sub-chips, a coupling structure and a cavity mode suppression structure
  • Each sub-chip includes N qubits, and the M sub-chips are arranged on the surface of the substrate at intervals
  • The coupling structure is used to realize the interconnection between the M sub-chips
  • The cavity mode suppression structure is arranged at the edge of each sub-chip and/or in the gap between the M sub-chips, and is used for increasing the cavity mode frequency of the quantum chip
  • Among them, M is a positive integer greater than 1, and N is a positive integer greater than or equal to 1

Huawei Patent

In the quantum chip provided by this application, the quantum chip is composed of M sub-chips, which will effectively reduce the difficulty of production and improve the production yield; when a quality defect occurs in a certain sub-chip, it will not cause quality defects. The resulting problems are high costs and waste of resources.

Huawei has already explored quantum technology before. On January 12, 2021, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. was authorized to publish “a quantum key distribution system, method and device” related patents, with the publication number CN108737083B.

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