Huawei applied for new Dustproof and Waterproof patent: May be better than IP68

At present, Huawei already has the world’s highest waterproof rating of IP68. The new patent applied for this time may make the waterproof and dustproof functions of Huawei’s terminal equipment more powerful and more diverse.

The latest patent filed on May 1 with the application number CN111092973A. This is for dustproof and waterproof which is highly recommended by users’ point of view.

The patent is fully described as follows (Translated – Chinese to English):

The present application relates to the technical field of electronic products, and in particular, to a mobile terminal. The mobile terminal includes a housing, a first opening is formed in the housing, and a waterproof and breathable membrane component is provided in the housing corresponding to the first opening, the waterproof and breathable membrane component A dust screen is provided on the side facing the casing, and a first adhesive layer for bonding the dust screen to the casing.

A second opening is formed at a position of the first adhesive layer corresponding to the first opening so that the interior of the casing is in order to communicate with the outside world through the waterproof and breathable membrane assembly, the dustproof net, the second opening, and the first opening.

In the mobile terminal provided by the present application, by setting a dustproof net, when the outside air enters the mobile terminal, the dust particles and other dirt from the outside are isolated by the dustproof net, which effectively prevents the dirt from attaching to the waterproof and breathable membrane module. 

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