Huawei applied for patent related to liquid lens

According to the source, On December 25 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. filed a patent with the title “Motor components, camera modules, and electronic devices to drive liquid lenses”, which was published on 7 April 2020.

The patent claims that the present application provides a motor assembly, a camera module, and an electronic device for driving a liquid lens.

The motor assembly includes a stator portion: The actuator portion, which is movable in the direction of the optical axis relative to the stator portion.

It can be used to drive motors with liquid lenses to meet performance requirements such as autofocus and/or optical anti-shake while increasing motor reliability under abnormal operating conditions such as bumps and drops.

It is not clear what the liquid lens mentioned in Huawei ’s patent is, but the picture given in the patent should be used for smartphones. Of course, this is a patent, it cannot be guaranteed that it will be commercialized. Stay tuned for more.

Huawei liquid lenses patent Huawei liquid lenses patent-2



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