Huawei applied for Huawei Enjoy Smart Screen trademark

Huawei has applied for the “Huawei Enjoy Smart Screen” trademark and the registration date was June 8, 2021. The international classification is “9 scientific categories” and it is currently in the process.

Huawei’s “Enjoy” is a low-end mobile phone series owned by Huawei, and currently does not include smart screen products. The current main product lines of smart screens are X series, V series, and S series, with positioning from high to low. The latest product from the company is Huawei Smart Screen SE.

Huawei Enjoy Smart Screen trademark

Huawei Smart Screen SE 55-inch version is 3299 yuan, 65-inch version 4299 yuan, based on core functions such as AI smart eyes, distributed multi-screen, and Honghu image quality.

Huawei Smart Screen SE 65-inches has a wide color gamut of Honghu image quality, which is officially claimed to be able to restore the true color of the horizon. It also has a wide color gamut of 92% DCI-P3. Huawei Smart Screen SE can be paired with HUAWEI Sound, and the audio stream will be redistributed intelligently, changing to 3.1 channels in 2.0 seconds, and the large screen and speakers use Wi-Fi high-speed networking, which is more common in the industry. Also, Huawei Smart Screen SE also supports fast mutual transmission, the smooth connection of messages, a smooth connection of conversations, and so on.


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