Huawei completed the industry’s first single-wave ultra-1.6T ultra-high-speed live network test

Huawei has officially announced that it has successfully completed the industry’s first DWDM live network test with a single-wave rate of 1.66Tb/s in cooperation with European operators.

Huawei stated that this test is aimed at cutting-edge technology research, based on a large-capacity data center interconnection (DCI) scenario, using a standard G.652 fiber of 96.5 km, and only ordinary EDFA optical amplifiers are used throughout. In the test, a total of 34 channels were transmitted on the live network, each channel separated by 150GHz, the total fiber capacity exceeded 56Tb/s, and the spectral efficiency exceeded 11bit/s/Hz.

At the same time, this live network test also completed a single-wave transmission of 1.77 Tb/s over 60 km, a single-wave transmission of 1.65 Tb/s over 120 km, and a single-wave transmission of 1.6 Tb/s over 180 km.

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These results are achieved through Huawei’s CMS (channel-matched shaping) algorithm. It includes nonlinear digital signal processing technology, high-order modulation technology based on 400QAM, and uses enhanced probability constellation shaping (ePCS).



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