Huawei AR Map announced, currently supports Huawei P40 series

Huawei AR Map is now online. Currently, the Huawei P40 series is only supported. “The integration of advances in Huawei’s camera department, coupled with the next-generation 5G connectivity and cloud services will allow Cyberverse to seamlessly integrate user’s digital and physical lives using smartphone devices”, according to the company Manufacturing Consulting Director Luo Wei.

  • AR live navigation: The current position can be recognized by lifting the phone, and the target point can be determined.
  •  Holographic information display: When you locate successfully and look around the world, you will see various information signs, click to get a more detailed introduction.
  • Take photos of the fusion of virtual and real: You will find flying fairies or mythical beasts crossing the world of the river in the real space. Take photos or videos of them. You can also take photos with virtual characters with the help of your partners.
  • A variety of virtual activities.

Huawei AR MAP

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