Huawei audio editing service helps developers to innovate efficiently

At the Huawei Developer Day 2021 which was hosted by the Huawei Developer Alliance includes multiple features and application scenarios of the Huawei Audio Editor Kit attracted the attention of many developers.

The audio editing service is a collection of various scene audio processing capabilities that Huawei has opened for developers, and it brings together Huawei’s advanced technologies in music, voice, and other related audio fields.

The audio editing service provides rich audio processing capabilities such as basic audio editing, accompaniment extraction, spatial rendering, voice change and noise reduction, providing global developers with excellent performance, easy-to-use, and open interfaces, helping developers to easily and efficiently build application audio Editing ability.

Audio streaming feature to improve audio playability

Huawei’s audio editing service supports AI dubbing, voice change, equalizer, style and other capabilities, and provides noise reduction functions to reduce noise input audio, repair and enhance human voices, which can improve the quality of voice signals and help APP build more Application scenarios to improve the playability of audio processing.

Separate sound source, support more music creation scenes

Huawei Audio Editing Service provides developers with the function of separation of sound sources, which can accurately analyze the human voice and various instrument elements in the music through artificial intelligence and extract them into independent sound tracks.

Spatial rendering, easy to realize audio 2D to 3D

Huawei Audio Editing Service provides developers with spatial audio rendering services to help developers build 3D sound effects in applications. Users can add spatial rendering effects to the audio, and render the audio of different compositions to a specified three-dimensional spatial orientation to achieve a surround sound effect.

In the future, Huawei’s audio editing service will open more features, and consider combining with Huawei’s multimedia pipeline service (AV Pipeline kit), allowing developers to customize media plug-ins and arrangement processing procedures, and innovate AI composition, singing voice synthesis, and intelligent noise reduction Wait for application development needs. Fully meet the needs of developers in various fields, and create a handy audio editing basic tool for developers.

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