Huawei-based Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution gets public

Huawei-based Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution gets public for the first time contributing world building more high-speed railways and undergoing a digital and intelligent transformation….!! On March 7–10, 2023, at the 11th UIC World Congress on High-Speed Rail that took place in Morocco Huawei released the first-ever Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution including its innovative solutions and flagship products for the railway industry.

The Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS), data communication network, and optical communication network. Huawei aims to build fully-connected railways, enabling fast, safe, and intelligent industry development, and facilitating a digital transformation are also enveloped under the plan.

Way of enabling new and numerous services by just upgrading the software Its LTE-based FRMCS Solution,  Huawei not only slashes railway project costs but also meets the requirements of digital railway development. In terms of safety, Huawei is always integrating new technologies into service scenarios. It’s Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution protects trackside safety around the clock, in any weather

Mr. Li Junfeng, Vice President of Huawei and CEO of the Aviation & Rail BU delivered an opening speech.

“the development of future high-speed railways relies on a wireless communications system with higher bandwidth to ensure safe train operations. A centralized platform and reliable connectivity will make a digital and green industry a reality.”

Huawei’s Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution is oriented globally

Huawei enables fiber vibration detection alongside video analysis to safeguard railway perimeters with multi-dimensional awareness and high precision. That is built on an optical-vision convergence architecture. This way Huawei’s Smart Railway Perimeter Detection Solution is oriented to markets outside China.

This will fulfill the railway industry’s requires network communications with higher bandwidth and lower latency to carry out new services. The solution resolves low-accuracy issues faced by conventional railway perimeter detection solutions, prevents missed alarms, and delivers a few false alarms, ensuring safer and more efficient railway operations.

Said Mr. Li Junfeng

“The FRMCS Solution based on LTE technology complies with the unified 3GPP standards. It has a mature ecosystem and broadband technologies that can enable more intelligent services. Thanks to its wireless experience, Huawei can build high-performance FRMCS-oriented networks for customers, thus supporting railway digitalization.”

In order to invoke the new technologies held for the development and support of railway digitalization globally. Huawei integrated through FRMCS Solution using innovative IPv6+ technologies to build converged bearer capabilities featuring high reliability, easy deployment, intelligent O&M, and smooth evolution, at the event. While ensuring safe and stable railway operations, the solution securely and reliably carries multiple services, such as voice, signaling, and video.

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