Huawei brought smart school bag: Display screen, priced at 699 yuan

As per the latest details, Huawei Zhixuan released a notice that Huawei Zhixuan Nine Micron Smart Positioning Children’s Schoolbag will be launched soon, which supports intelligent positioning function, and solves the need for schools not to use phones and watches, and parents who want to pay attention to their children’s safety.

The bag adopts Beidou + GPS dual positioning system, and the outdoor accuracy can reach 5CEP. After the schoolbag is successfully connected to the “Smart Life” APP on the mobile phone, three guard areas can be set: home/school/other. Parents can receive a message alert when the child’s backpack enters and exits the set area, such as when the child enters the school.

At the same time, parents can check the location of their children’s schoolbags on their mobile phones. The high-frequency mode will check in at a fixed point every 2 minutes to know the child’s location information in real-time, and the historical track can be retained for up to three months!

Huawei’s smart nine-micron smart positioning children’s schoolbag has a five-dimensional load-reducing design-U-shaped shoulder strap design, which makes the shoulder strap of the schoolbag fit the child’s shoulder and neck more.

In addition, the structural design of the horizontal schoolbag is about 6-7 cm shorter than the height of the general schoolbag. The bottom of the schoolbag will not be dragged below the waist to avoid damage to the waist due to force, and is more suitable for children under 135CM.

This school bag is equipped with a 1.54-inch IP67 dustproof and waterproof fun screen display, which can set class schedules, electronic signatures, theme clocks, etc.

Huawei Zhixuan Nine Micron Smart Positioning Children’s Schoolbag is currently in the public test of Huawei Mall. The public test price is only 699 yuan, and it will be available later.

Smart Positioning Children Schoolbag Huawei Smart Positioning Children Schoolbag Huawei-1 Smart Positioning Children Schoolbag


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