Huawei Browser new Homepage coming soon

According to the information, Huawei Browser officially announced that the concise homepage will come in the next version. The company is said to add this function to the new version of Huawei browser!

The 12.0.3.x version of the browser will be launched in the near future. After the upgrade, the following experience will be enhanced:

(1) Shortcut simplified homepage function is online, DIY your exclusive homepage.

(2) Create a new revision of the interface, and the interactive visual experience is more concise.

(3) Massive video content to create an immersive video feast.

(4) Provide more value-added services in the laboratory and one-click direct access to convenient services.

Huawei Browser App is a browser application client that comes with Huawei mobile phones, and the PC version has been launched. The mobile version of Huawei Browser relies on core technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data processing to provide users with rich content resources.

Huawei Browser new Homepage coming soon

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