Huawei published patent for wireless charging of headphones

Huawei has a number of patents in its portfolio and now the company adds one more patent for “Headset, Wireless Charging Device and Headphone Charging System”, with the publication number CN113973245A. The application provides a headset, a wireless charging device, and a headset charging system, which can realize the wireless charging of the headset.

The headphone includes two ear packs and a head beam connecting the two ear packs;

The ear bag includes a casing, a touchpad, a receiving coil, and a circuit board, the touchpad is connected to the outside of the casing, the receiving coil is located on the side of the touchpad facing the inside of the casing, and the touchpad, receiving coil are respectively connected to the circuit. The board is electrically connected, and the receiving coil is configured to perform inductive charging with a wireless charging device close to the touchpad.

The touch panel includes a first substrate and a plurality of touch units, the conductive layer covers the first substrate to form the touch units, the plurality of touch units are arranged at intervals and connected by connecting wires, and each touch unit is provided with a hollow gap. The area of ​​the hollow gap in one-touch unit occupies 20%-80% of the area of ​​one-touch unit.

Huawei wireless charging of headphones patent

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