Huawei Celia Keyboard public test version is now out

Huawei has started sending the public beta version of the Celia Keyboard and the event time is March 17 to April 7.

Huawei Celia Keyboard is a keyboard application developed by Huawei, which supports more than 170 languages ‚Äč‚Äčaround the world and provides rich emojis.

In version, the Huawei Celia Keyboard has added five-stroke input, Celia skin store, and Celia store search functions, and supports sliding input on the English keyboard.

In addition, Celia Keyboard also supports the backup and migration of thesaurus, which can be cloned to a new mobile phone, and has added barrier-free adaptation.

Huawei Celia Keyboard Changelog:

Add five inputs.

Added Celia skin store.

Added English keyboard sliding input.

Added Celia store search function.

Added support for backup and migration of thesaurus, and clone to a new phone.

Added barrier-free adaptation.

Some scene optimizations and bug fixes.

Huawei Celia Keyboard public test

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