Huawei Celia Keyboard version is open for internal testing

Huawei has started rolling out the Celia Keyboard version for public testing. The latest update includes Huawei account login, add synchronization thesaurus, backup setting options, and more.


The time for this public test is from November 7, 2021, to November 21, 2021.
The size of the Huawei Celia Keyboard public testing is 43.9MB.

Huawei Celia Keyboard Changelog:

1. Added Huawei account login (addition of synchronization word database, backup setting items);

2. New font size adjustment (can follow the system, candidate word font, keyboard font customization);

3. Added nine-key clearing and word segmentation functions;

4. Added full screen handwriting.

Huawei Celia Keyboard version

In addition, Huawei also announced the rewards for this public test task. According to the number of participating users, the number and quality of feedback questions, up to 10 award-winning users will be selected. Among them, the first prize is a JD card of 150 yuan.

Huawei Celia


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