Huawei Celia Keyboard Wubi Method user experience recruitment opened

Huawei Celia Keyboard is a free keyboard application developed by Huawei, which allows you to type quickly, accurately, and interestingly. Support more than 170 languages ​​around the world and provide rich emojis.

Now, Huawei Celia Keyboard has opened the ” Wubi input method ” experience recruitment. Users who sign up need to be able to use the Wubi input method, so there is still a certain threshold.

The Wubi input method is a Chinese character input method invented by Wang Yongmin in August 1983. Because the inventor’s surname is Wang, it is also called “Wang Ma Wubi”. The Wubi font completely encodes Chinese characters according to strokes and glyph features, which is a typical shape code input method.

The Wubi method is based on the structure of characters rather than their pronunciation, making it possible to input characters even when the user does not know the pronunciation, as well as not being too closely linked to any particular spoken variety of Chinese. It is also extremely efficient: nearly every character can be written with at most 4 keystrokes.

Huawei Celia Keyboard Wubi Method


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