Huawei China Partner Conference 2023 is scheduled for May 8-9, 2023

The company has announced that the Huawei China Partner Conference of this year will be held from May 8th to 9th at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference will be entitled ‘Gathering together to create common aspirations”. Huawei stated that the purpose of this conference is to bring together old and new partners and friends in the ICT industry with an open mind. Below check the official statement.

Here, we will systematically explain the principles of common development and in-depth cooperation between Huawei and partners; clarify the roles and positioning of Huawei and partners in NA, commercial market and distribution business, and achieve efficient collaboration.

Here, we will focus on sharing key changes in strategies, systems, policies, organizations, processes, and platform support that partners are most concerned about, so that every partner can clearly understand how to cooperate with Huawei to achieve rapid growth in performance.

Here, we will also bring a wealth of marketable products and solutions, and launch a partner incentive program; at the same time, we will further demonstrate how Huawei supports partners in multiple dimensions, how to firmly empower and enable partners, and serve the masses Customers at the same time, to achieve win-win cooperation.

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Huawei China Partner Conference 2023

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