Huawei Cloud Data Security Center officially tested

Huawei Cloud Security Chief Technology Officer Song Yang announced the official testing of the Data Security Center has been achieved. According to reports, the Data Security Center is a completely cloud-native security service. To recall, this service released a closed beta in September last year, and it is now officially open beta.

Huawei Cloud stated that the data security center has 8 core data security capabilities, including transparent and visible data assets, sensitive data identification, data transmission security, data storage security, data auditing, digital watermarking, data desensitization, and complete destruction.

  • Transparent and visible data assets: Provide a panoramic view of the entire life cycle of data assets.
  • Sensitive data recognition: Classify various data, quickly identify sensitive information, support the recognition of more than 30 kinds of personal data such as ID card, bank card number, license plate number, etc., and support the recognition of files in 200 formats such as doc and xls.
  • Data transmission security: Provide private cloud certificate management and SSL certificate management services.
  • Data storage security: Data encryption capabilities have been integrated into more than 40 basic cloud services most commonly used by users, such as ECS and OBS.
  • Data audit: Database security audit service, which can identify abnormal data operation behaviors and record all aspects.
  • Digital watermark: Supports light and dark double watermark and database watermark.
  • Data desensitization: When using data, users sometimes need to call some sensitive data such as ID cards, bank card numbers, etc., but do not want the plaintext data to be seen by others. At this time, sensitive data can be masked, deformed, etc. deal with.
  • Complete destruction: Safely destroy invalid data on the cloud by means of secure media erasure to ensure that there is no residue when user data is deleted, and data cannot be restored after deletion.


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