Huawei Cloud launched a new Huawei Cloud Stack (HCS)

According to the source, the Huawei Cloud introduced a new Huawei Cloud Stack (HCS) offering specifically designed to provide cloud services in local data centres for government and enterprise customers.

Huawei Cloud Services mainly provides 3 main capabilities to work with – Unified Management, Data Governance & Application Enablement.

According to Huawei Cloud, the company is focused on making itself the go-to choice for government and enterprise organizations looking to go through the process of intelligent upgrade.

Due to federated cloud technology, customers can have refined management of cross-cloud resource pools and obtain the industry’s multi-level O&M capabilities. Through refined rights- and domain-based management, they can control resource access by region, department, and application.

Huawei Cloud president of Hybrid Cloud Lv Yangming says, based on the unified Optimus hardware-software synergy architecture, HCS and Huawei Cloud provide the same APIs that make it possible to let government and enterprise customers use cloud services in their local data centres.

According to Yangming, more than 70 cloud services from Huawei Cloud, such as AI, big data, IoT, and blockchain services, can be used if required.



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