Huawei completed the first long-distance E-band test with this company

On October 9, 2021, Inner Mongolia Mobile Company and Ordos Mobile Branch joined Huawei to complete a long-distance E-band field test in Etuoke Banner, Ordos City.

E-band microwave, as one of the 5G bearer solutions, works in the E-band (80 GHz high frequency), with a bandwidth of up to 20Gb/s, and has the characteristics of large bandwidth and low latency.

Huawei stated that the company’s long-distance E-band microwave uses integrated high-power equipment and large-aperture intelligent beam tracking (IBT) antennas to increase the maximum transmission distance of E-band to 10 + kilometers , basically realizing the backhaul of 5G base stations.

According to reports, the integrated design avoids the problems of complex power supply and low reliability caused by the split design, and has large-scale commercial capabilities.

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