Huawei core partners participated in a signing ceremony of the Government All-in-One Netcom Legion

On 6th of the March, 2023 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and 4 partner companies participated in a signing ceremony, namely Baode Computer System Co., Ltd., iSoftStone Smart Technology Co., Ltd., Runhe Software Co., Ltd., and AVIC Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. for the core partners of the Government All-in-One Netcom Legion.

The agenda of the signing represents is to jointly improve customer experience, serve global customers, and achieve cooperation and mutual benefit. The two parties will build solution capabilities and end-to-end business capabilities around government affairs and urban digital scenarios, and build an end-to-end capability system of consulting planning, solutions, integration, services, and operations.

This will result in the in-depth capability cooperation between Huawei’s e-government network and core industry partners in the field of government affairs and urban digitalization.

Yang Ruikai, CEO of Huawei’s All-in-one Government Service Corps, said in his speech:

“The digital transformation of government affairs and cities involves multiple scenarios. In order to better meet customer needs and improve customer experience, the Huawei All-in-one Government Service Corps continues to improve the urban intelligent body structure, and works with core partners to Create baseline capabilities and innovative business models in scenarios such as urban intelligent perception, intelligent connection, intelligent hub, one-network office, and one-network unified management. Huawei’s government affairs one-network legion will work with core partners to leverage their respective strengths and complement each other’s capabilities to achieve mutual benefit and mutual strength Coexist together to make the market bigger. After this signing, the two parties will further strengthen in-depth cooperation, jointly explore industry capabilities, better meet customer needs, and start a new journey together.”

At the signing meeting, representatives of core partner companies made keynote speeches respectively, and actively joined hands with the Huawei Government All-in-One Netcom Corps to solve industry pain points, strengthen capabilities, deepen the experience, expand the market, jointly create a healthy industry ecology, and jointly promote industry development.

Multiple partners work together to promote the development of the industry, jointly build urban intelligence, and work together to deepen urban digitalization. Huawei’s e-Government One Netcom Corps will join hands with four partner companies to grow together, cultivate operational long-term closed-loop implementation capabilities, ensure effective implementation, and build the ultimate customer experience.

Core partners will leverage their strengths in market expansion, consulting planning, solution development and integration, and delivery verification in the fields of government affairs and urban digitalization, being futuristic. And the advantages of “urban intelligence” and other aspects of integrating resources and cooperation.

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Huawei core partners participated in a signing ceremony of the Government All-in-One Netcom Legion

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