Huawei CPE Lite wins Red Dot Award 2020

Huawei CPE Lite networking device wins the RedDot Award in the product design. CPE Lite was awarded for its high-quality design, easy integration, and seamless customer experiences.

What’s CPE Lite?

CPE Lite is Huawei’s latest mini customer premises equipment (CPE) designed for outdoor network scenarios. It enables cost-effective high-speed wireless access in a very compact form factor.

About Red Dot Award:

The Red Dot Design Award was established by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, the most prestigious German design association in Europe, in Essen, Germany in 1955. It is the most authoritative design award in the global industrial design industry. It is also the greatest honor in design for Apple, IBM, Porsche, and other top international companies to compete for every year. The award is known for its strict selection criteria and it consists of three awards: Product Design Award, Communication Design Award, and Design Concept Award. The entries must have innovative features that differ themselves from other similar products and represent the world’s highest industrial design level in the field.

Huawei CPE Lite
Huawei CPE Lite

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