Huawei Developer Conference Postponed To March 27 2020

Huawei officially announced that the Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (Cloud), originally scheduled to be held in Shenzhen from February 11-12, will be postponed to March 27-28, 2020 (Online). It is reported that Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (HDC.Cloud) is Huawei’s annual top flagship event for global developers in the ICT (Information and Communication) field.

The live broadcast is set in two main parts. On the first day, the theme of Kunpeng’s general computing technology trends and development will be conducted, and on the second day, the theme of Shengteng AI computing technology trends and development will be conducted.

Huawei released its self-developed cloud AI chip series after the first announcement of its AI strategy and full-stack solution in 2018. The first batch of 7nm Ascension 910 and 12nm Ascension 310 based on DaVinci architecture. Among them, Shengteng 910 was the single-chip computing density of the chip at that time, at that time the computing power far exceeded Google and Nvidia.

Shengteng 910’s half-precision (FP16) computing power is 256TFLOPS, which is twice as high as NVIDIA’s Tesla V100 at the time, integer precision (INT8) 512TOPS, supports 128-channel Full HD video decoding (H.264 / 265), and maximum power consumption of 350W.

Huawei HDC March 27-28 2020

Huawei HDC March 27 2020 Huawei HDC March 2020

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