Huawei discloses new patent in the field of smart car technology

Huawei has published a new patent for “a method, device, terminal equipment, and vehicle for multi-screen interaction” with the publication number CN113330395A.

As per the application details, this patent “method, device, terminal device and vehicle for multi-screen interaction, involving the technical field of smart cars. The application detects that the image captured by the camera includes a specific gesture, then converts the content displayed on the first display screen into sub-images, and displays other sub-images that can be displayed on the first display screen.

The identification of the display screen and the orientation information relative to the first display screen, the user can intuitively see the movement direction of subsequent gestures, and then determine the second standard display screen according to the movement direction of the specific gesture, and control the sub-image in the first display screen.

The display screen moves with the movement of the specific gesture, and when it is detected that the distance of the movement of the specific gesture is greater than the set threshold, the sub-image is moved to the second display screen, thereby realizing the multi-screen interactive function.

Huawei Patent


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