Huawei Mobile router Tiantiantong Edition launched: 2000GB data per month

Huawei Mobile Router Tiantiantong version is officially launched and it will go on sale in Huawei Mall on September 1st. The users can enjoy 2000GB of data per month, and the whole high-speed data is unlimited within the scope of the package. The monthly package is 99 yuan, and the annual package is 599 yuan.

This traffic card is an IoT card cooperated by Tiantong and China Unicom. It does not support voice and SMS functions and can only be used by Huawei mobile router devices.

At the end of June this year, Huawei created a Skyline Data Card for Huawei’s accompanying WiFi 3, with the same package price. The Huawei mobile router collocated with Tiantong this time is priced at 349 yuan. It supports both mobile and wired networks . It has both SIM card plug-in Internet access and wired broadband access. Wi-Fi is available when there is electricity, which can overcome Geographical restrictions.

Huawei Mobile router Tiantiantong Edition

In appearance, Huawei Mobile Router uses a minimalist design, the size is only equivalent to a notepad, as thin as 25mm, as light as 246g, very suitable for travel.

Huawei Mobile Router supports China Mobile/Unicom/Telecom 4G network, with a theoretical peak download speed of up to 150Mbps. Just plug in a Nano-SIM card, turn on the power, complete the 2-step configuration, you can quickly turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot, support a variety of SIM cards such as mobile phone cards, mobile phone secondary cards, Internet of Things cards, data cards, etc.


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