Huawei discloses patent related to optical storage systems

Huawei published a patent for “an energy storage system, energy storage container, and optical storage system” with the publication number CN113098041A.

According to the patent summary, the system includes an energy storage container, controller, and protection switches. The controller controls each protection switch to connect a different number of battery clusters so that the energy storage system provides different backup times.

Due to the increase in the number of access points, one access point can be connected to one or more battery clusters, and the number of battery clusters is different, corresponding to different backup durations. In this way, the hardware architecture can be normalized, which is convenient for maintenance and reduces costs .

Huawei has previously published a number of patents on batteries, including patents for “Lithium-ion batteries and their preparation methods”, “Methods for estimating battery health”, and “Silicon-carbon composite battery” patents, etc., Involving mobile phones and new energy vehicle batteries and other fields.

Huawei discloses patent related to optical storage systems


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