Huawei donates 100,000 masks to Fujita Health University Hospital

Huawei donated 100,000 masks to Fujita Medical University Hospital in Fengming, Aichi Prefecture, and Aichi Medical University Hospital in Nagakute, Japan.

According to Wang Jianfeng, chairman of Huawei Japan, 150,000 of the 500,000 masks donated this time are medical high-performance N95 masks.

“At the time of the worst outbreak in China, we received sincere assistance from Japan. Huawei is providing support to medical institutions struggling to fight in the frontline, and we hope to help each other in Japan to overcome this difficult situation.”

The virus, which originated from China, has rapidly spread to about 160 countries, hurting economic activity, global markets, and forcing countries to go for lockdowns. Stocks are suffering badly across the board as investors fear the magnitude of damage coronavirus will cause a global slowdown in travel, shopping, and another consumer spending.

The cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly across the world with the count crossing 245,749 globally and 195 in India. The global death toll rose to 10,048 on Friday, with India reporting four deaths due to Covid-19.

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