Huawei e-reader electronic ink screen tablet is coming

Huawei has recently registered lots of new trademarks that are suitable for future realistic. Now, according to some Weibo users. Huawei e-reader (ink screen) will start to recruit test experience personnel offline on November 6, and the company seems to be about to launch ink screen tablet MatePad Paper, the record model as HMW-AL10, support Huawei HarmonyOS.

The electronic ink screen is also known as electronic paper display technology. Electronic ink is a new method and technology that revolutionizes information display. It can bring a display effect that is closer to paper materials, without worrying about glare and stroboscopic, it is more eye-protecting in daily use, and it has the advantage of saving electricity, which is suitable for long-term use in the office.

In addition, Huawei has previously conducted a sharing conference with eyes and e-readers, and collected a large amount of pollen on the demand and price expectations of e-readers in the form of a temperature questionnaire.

Huawei e-reader electronic ink screen table1 Huawei e-reader electronic ink screen tablet



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