Huawei employee charged with extortion and blackmail for compensation

Today on December 1st, after NetEase employees suffered a violent resignation, Huawei was also exposed to unfair treatment of employees: an old employee who has worked for Huawei for more than 10 years was asked to pay 300,000 yuan for compensation for termination. Huawei sued for extortion, and the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau detained / arrested the employee for eight months.

According to the criminal compensation decision and media reports exposed on the Internet, the employee Li Hongyuan joined Huawei as an engineer since 2005, and worked in the inverter sales management department before leaving, leaving on January 31, 2018.


As a result of working for Huawei for 13 years, Li Hongyuan negotiated with Huawei to obtain personal resignation financial compensation of 331,776.73 yuan, deducting about 30,000 yuan in taxes and receiving about 300,000 yuan. The termination financial compensation is for the department head to transfer to the department secretary’s personal bank account, and the transaction summary is “termination financial compensation”.

However, in December 2018, Li Hongyuan was criminally detained by the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau after Huawei sued him for “suspected extortion.” The evidence of the lawsuit is the transfer record of 300,000 yuan in the personal account of the department secretary.

In August 2019, the People’s Procuratorate of Shenzhen Longgang District decided that the facts of the crime were unclear, the evidence was insufficient, and it did not meet the conditions for prosecution. It decided not to prosecute Li Hongyuan and Li Hongyuan was free again.

There is no official response from Huawei at this time.

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