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Huawei has updated its FM Radio application to the latest October 2022 App version Huawei FM Radio can let you tune into any radio station and listen to it on your device. The simple interface means that it’ll only take you a few seconds to find and play your favorite stations on speaker or through headphones.

In HUAWEI FM Radio, there is a circle in the middle of the screen that lets you choose the frequency you want to tune into. Just swipe the edge of the circle to increase or decrease the MHz. There is also the off/on button at the bottom of the screen.

HUAWEI FM Radio has the essential features for listening to the radio on a Huawei device, just like the good old days. Without any extra features, all you have to do is set the frequency you want and save the stations to customized lists.

In this article, we will check the list of the Huawei FM Radio Application’s latest apk with the versions.

Download the latest Huawei FM Radio APK:

Huawei FM Radio Latest APK

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