Huawei HarmonyOS Mobile Weather App beta version released

Huawei has released the new beta version of Huawei Weather App Bringing a number of new functions and features, the size is 22.5MB.

Huawei Weather is the official weather application of Huawei. Huawei Weather cooperates with professional weather data and service technology providers in the industry to provide comprehensive, high-precision, and high-quality weather information.

Huawei Weather App Changelog:

1. 24-hour weather information forecast in the weather homepage, including air quality, comfort, wind and wind direction, sunrise and sunset information, and a simple 7-day weather information forecast on the homepage; the weather information of the current city and added cities is refreshed normally.

2. Desktop Weather’s location and weather updates are real-time and accurate.

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3. The function of the weather secondary page can be accessed normally.

4. Add a personalized life index, and experience the convenience of life brought by the life index in the comfort section of the main weather page.

5. Update of the content of the protection law.

6. Added diversified ads at the bottom.

Huawei Weather App Changelog

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