Huawei HarmonyOS open source Ark compiler front-end tool “Ark JS runtime” is officially open source

According to the information, OpenHarmony’s “Ark JS Runtime” is now open source. ARK JavaScript Runtime is the runtime used by JS applications on OpenHarmony. Contains the allocator of JS objects and the garbage collector (GC), the standard library conforming to the ECMAScript specification, the interpreter used to run the Ark bytecode (ARK Bytecode, abc) generated by the ARK front-end components, and the internal storage for hidden classes Link cache, Ark JS runtime external function interface (AFFI) and other modules.

ts2abc component
The ts2abc component is a component of the Ark platform. As a front-end tool of the JavaScript language in the Ark compiler, it supports the conversion of JavaScript files into Ark bytecode files.

Ark Common Components
The Runtime component is the common component of the Ark runtime. It mainly includes some language-independent basic runtime libraries, including ARK File that carries bytecode and related information needed to execute bytecode, Tooling that supports Debugger, and ARK Base that is responsible for corresponding system calls.

OpenHarmony is an open source project incubated and operated by the Open Atom Foundation. The goal is to build a framework and platform for an intelligent terminal device operating system for the era of full scenarios, full connectivity, and full intelligence.

The Ark Compiler (OpenArkCompiler) is a unified programming platform designed to support the joint compilation and operation of multiple programming languages ​​and multiple chip platforms. It includes key components such as compilers, tool chains, and runtimes.

Ark JS runtime



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