Huawei HarmonyOS powered Changan C385 car leaked

According to the Chinese media information, Changan’s new dedicated electric vehicle platform, with a size of 4820/1890/1480mm and a wheelbase of 2900mm. It is positioned as a medium-sized sedan. In addition, the official also announced the car’s aspect ratio: 0.78. The proportions give the car the visual feel of a wide-body coupe.

This new car occupied a very electric vehicle-style design concept. The closed grille design is matched with slender LED daytime running lights, which look quite avant-garde, trendy, and sci-fi.

After the official pictures were released before, many netizens who have seen it have said, how can it feel like a Porsche? In terms of styling design, it really tastes like a performance car.

From the side, the new car uses low wind resistance rims and hidden door handles, with black window chrome decoration, which looks more sporty, and the tail shape is very exaggerated, full of layering, and is equipped with very eye-catching through-type taillights.

It is worth noting that a certain bulge is also designed in the middle of the rear wing, which is expected to reduce the wind resistance and enhance the fighting feeling of the car.

The official has not yet disclosed the interior design and specific power information of the new car, but the real shots of the car have been exposed on the Internet.

Judging from the outgoing photos, the interior of the car will use Changan’s latest family-friendly design language, and the typical Huawei HarmonyOS cockpit features can be seen from the central control screen, and it is expected to be equipped with an AR-HUD head-up display from Huawei.

Changan C385 car-1 Changan C385 car-2 Changan C385 car-3 Changan C385 car-4 Changan C385 car-5 Changan C385 car

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