Huawei 2021 Annual Report officially released

According to the official information, Huawei held a 2021 annual report conference and at the event, Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping and Huawei’s vice chairman and CFO Meng Wanzhou described the overall revenue.

The report shows that Huawei’s overall operation is stable, with global sales revenue of 636.8 billion yuan and a net profit of 113.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 75.9%. Huawei will continue to increase R&D investment. In 2021, the R&D investment will reach 142.7 billion yuan, accounting for 22.4% of the annual revenue. The accumulated R&D expenditure in ten years exceeds 845 billion yuan.

Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s CFO, also spoke at the event, “Despite a revenue decline in 2021, our ability to make a profit and generate cash flows is increasing, and we are more capable of dealing with uncertainty.” Thanks to the enhanced profitability of its major businesses, the company’s cash flow from operating activities dramatically increased in 2021, amounting to CNY59.7 billion. Its liability ratio also dropped to 57.8%, and its overall financial structure has become more resilient and flexible.

Among them, the operator business was 281.5 billion yuan, accounting for 44.2% of the total revenue, and overseas revenue accounted for more than 50%; the enterprise business was 102.4 billion yuan, accounting for 16.1% of the total revenue, and emerging business revenue increased by 30%; consumer The business amounted to 243.4 billion yuan, accounting for 38.2% of the total revenue, and the revenue from smart wearables and smart screens increased by 30%.

Guo Ping, Huawei’s rotating chairman, pointed out: “The company’s overall business performance is in line with expectations. The operator’s business performance is stable, the enterprise business is growing steadily, the terminal business is rapidly developing new industries, and the ecological construction is entering the fast lane.”

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