Huawei HarmonyOS will launch digital RMB atomization service

On September 10, the “2021 China (Beijing) Digital Finance Forum” was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Huawei held a sub-forum “Digital RMB and HarmonyOS Ecological” under the guidance of the bank.

At the meeting, Duan Mengran, vice president of Huawei Consumer Business AI and Smart Full Scenario, introduced that the digital renminbi atomization service based on HarmonyOS can realize the functions of digital renminbi collection and payment. Consumers can add digital renminbi service cards directly to the desktop, and receive and pay with just one click, bringing a convenient experience to consumers using digital renminbi.

HarmonyOS update

At the same time, digital renminbi cards can also be transferred to smart devices such as watches with one click, which has laid a solid step for the realization of the vision that everything can be paid under the HarmonyOS ecology.

According to Huawei, the future cooperation between the Harmony Ecosystem and the digital RMB ecosystem may bring about collisions in more new scenarios, such as smart home appliances such as refrigerators, treadmills, and home central controls that support HarmonyOS distributed functions in the future, charging piles, and POS machines.


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