Huawei’s multi-device smart wireless charging board is on pre-sale today, priced at 799 yuan

Huawei at the launch event of the P50 series at the end of July, and also launched a multi-device smart wireless charging board. The charging board will be available for pre-sale at 10:08 this morning. the price is 799 yuan.

This Huawei multi-device smart wireless charging board can provide up to 3 devices with 15W Max wireless charging power. The charging board adopts a three-layer three-dimensional large coil arrangement, which can intelligently select the charging coil combination according to the location of the device to increase the effective charging area and reduce the charging blind area.

In addition, this charging board is also equipped with an intelligent temperature control chip and a silent air-cooling system, which can maintain a safe temperature while the device is efficiently charged.

This charging board supports compatibility with multiple types of devices. It can charge Huawei phones, tablets, earphones, smartwatches, etc., and can also charge other brands of devices that support the Qi protocol.

Huawei's multi-device smart wireless charging board


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