Huawei has a new patent for Detecting Autopilot System

Huawei has many patents on its bucket and now the company has published a patent for “Method and Device for Detecting Autopilot System”, and the publication number is identified as CN113741384A.

According to the patent details, this application provides intelligent driving technology in the field of artificial intelligence, involving methods for detecting automatic driving systems and methods for controlling vehicle driving based on automatic driving systems. Among them, the data collected by the sensors of multiple vehicles in the target driving scene are acquired, and the automatic driving system to be detected is used to obtain the trajectory information of the target vehicle when driving in the target driving scene according to the data.

Huawei Detecting Autopilot System patent

Based on the comparison result, it is determined whether the automatic driving system fails while driving in the target driving scene. According to the patent summary, the application can also detect the failure reason of the automatic driving system and use the detected automatic driving system to control the driving of the vehicle. The proposed technical solution helps to improve the safety of the vehicle.


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