Huawei publishes this amazing patent for tunnels and parking lots solution

Huawei has applied for the publication of a patent for “a vehicle positioning method and device”. According to the enterprise search App, the patent summary shows that this application discloses a vehicle positioning method and device. The patent includes: after the vehicle enters the semi-enclosed space, monitoring whether the vehicle is within the preset range of the positioning system in the semi-enclosed space; In the case that the vehicle is within the preset range of the positioning system, the position information of the positioning system in the semi-enclosed space on the map is acquired; the vehicle is positioned on the map according to the position information.

Huawei tunnels and parking lots new patent

The implementation of the embodiments of this application can achieve accurate positioning of vehicles in tunnels, parking lots, and other spaces with weak signals, and improve the robustness of vehicle positioning in spaces with poor signals. It is the ability of a system or organization to resist or overcome adverse conditions).

Huawei has previously applied for a number of automotive-related patents, including invention patents for “a method for upgrading on-board equipment and related devices,” invention patents for “methods and devices for predicting vehicle exits,” and “adjusting the throttle.


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