Huawei has begun mass production of the next generation of foldable phones

Huawei has started the mass production of its next-generation foldable smartphones. “Electronic Times” reported that at an investor meeting on November 25, Zhaoli Technology revealed that it has begun mass production of a new foldable smartphone hinge for a customer, which requires less than its predecessor. So the rate of return is higher. Although Zhaoli Technology did not specify the customer’s name, industry observers believe that it refers to Huawei.

As consumers’ enthusiasm for lightweight and high-resolution smartphones fades, major companies have focused on the development of foldable smartphones. After seeing the success of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 sales, other companies including Huawei have also accelerated the production of their own foldable devices.

Huawei foldable phone

According to industry insiders, by 2022, foldable smartphones will account for 20% of Samsung’s total smartphone shipments, and Huawei’s new foldable smartphones will also be launched next year. Google, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo also plan to release new foldable models soon. According to DIGITIMES Research, global shipments of foldable smartphones will exceed 100 million units by 2025, and will exceed 150 million units by 2026.

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