Huawei Health App latest stats: 400 million global users, 97 million monthly active users

At the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2022 conference 2022, Huawei officially announced that the global users of the Huawei Health App exceeded 400 million.

Huawei Health App’s latest November 2022 stats

Huawei Sports Health app has 97 million monthly active users, 13 million sports users, 16 million sleep users, and 26 million health monitoring users.

As per the features, the Huawei Sports Health App can work on Huawei smart wearable devices to monitor different sleep stages, support walking, running, and cycling exercise records, running training plans, and management of health indicators such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight. Additionally, Huawei announced the opening of TruSport capabilities.

Huawei Health App latest stats 400 million global users


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