Huawei HiCar integrated in Baojun RC-6

The new Baojun RC-6 is the first car equipped with HUAWEI Hicar intelligent system, the launch event is held today in in Shenzhen. With this system, Baojun RC-6 can control smart home switches, heart rate detection, driving posture monitoring, gesture playback music, right-hand strokes in the car.

At the press conference, the staff showed a number of technologies based on distributed technology: mobile phone and vehicle system connection, one-button remote control of the home in the car, fatigue detection of the camera in the car, ecological sharing of Android applications, schedule card, etc.

The HiCar platform is Huawei’s answer to Apple’s CarPlay, both of which have the capability of empowering the car with better user experiences. HiCar is embedded in the latest Mate 30 series. In the new video, the driver can check the car’s status, remotely control the AC and windows as well as use the phone as car keys.

huawei hicar rc6 image huawei hicar rc6 launch huawei hicar rc6

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