Huawei is expected to sell 100 million 5G phones in 2020

According to the Japan smartphone internal product providers, Huawei and ZTE have the most orders for 5G base stations, and demand is mainly from Chinese operators. He predicts that Huawei may sell 100 million 5G-enabled smartphones in China alone next year.

Taiyo Yuden (Electronics company, Japan) said that each 5G smartphone uses about 1,000 capacitors, about 30% more than a 4G phone. The new wireless standard consumes more power and therefore requires a larger battery, which reduces the space required for other components. This supports the demand for high-end capacitors, which can store more energy in a smaller space.

Another company pointed out that Huawei may be the first to launch 5G mobile phones, and Samsung will follow closely behind. If Apple launches the first 5G-capable models in September 2020, parts orders may arrive in June. He said the company has enough capacity to meet demand.

Karl Song Kai, head of Huawei’s global media and communications, said last week that the company also planned to increase investment in South Korea, but he didn’t specify the numbers. “In 2020, we’ll buy more Korean-made products and invest more in South Korea,” he said.

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