Huawei Highly Autonomous Networks Goal

During the FutureNet Asia 2023, an ICT events in the Asia-Pacific region, Steven Zheng, the Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei’s ADN solution, delivered the keynote speech, “Value Creation, Cooperation, and Innovation: Accelerating towards Highly Autonomous Networks.”

Huawei Highly Autonomous Networks Goal

In the event there were over 300 attendees, including prominent leaders from the ICT industry, the event provided a platform for sharing valuable insights on the future of the telecoms industry, focusing on network automation and intelligence.

In his speech, he discussed about the growing momentum of the Autonomous Networks (AN) industry, the rapid development of AN standards, and the accelerating commercial use cases of AN. AN is a key foundation of Huawei’s all-intelligence strategy. He suggested three actions that can be taken to accelerate the evolution toward Highly Autonomous Networks:

  • Standards cooperation
  • Technological innovation
  • Value creation

Samsung operates Huawei Highly Autonomous Networks GoalOdyssey Experience Zone

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