Huawei HMS Core PC version brings Windows11 support

Huawei Mobile Service HMS Core PC version getting a new version update, adding support for Windows 11 system. At the Huawei Developer Conference in October this year, Huawei officially released the new HMS Core 6, which opened up 69 Kits and 21,738 APIs in 7 major areas to global developers, including 13 cross-operating systems capabilities.

HMS Core 6 not only supports HarmonyOS and Android, but also supports other more operating systems, such as OpenHarmony, Windows, iOS, etc., which can be called on multiple devices such as tablets, smart screens, smartwatches, and cars. HMS Core also supports third-party development frameworks, such as React Native, Cordova, etc.

In the graphics field, HMS Core 6 added 3D modeling services and enhanced many open capabilities such as AR Engine, graphics computing services, and graphics engine services.

Based on AI technology, Huawei has newly opened up video editing services (Video Editor Kit) and audio editing services (Audio Editor Kit), and can provide global services covering 70+ languages ​​and support global calls.

Machine Learning Kit, as an open capability, has nearly 10,000 applications integrated with ML Kit, with more than 8.25 billion monthly calls, and it has now been extended to other operating system applications.

In the field of application services, HMS Core 6 has 13 new and enhanced open capabilities and 12 cross-OS capabilities. In the field of systems, Huawei has opened up core connectivity and communication capabilities, including 9 capabilities, which are open to application developers through Wireless Kit and Network Kit.

Huawei HMS Core PC version

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