Huawei Honghu trademark rejected again

According to the information, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and the State Intellectual Property Office Trademark Administration (Trademark) Administrative Second Instance Judgment was made public. The document shows that the Beijing Intellectual Property Court rejected the application for registration of Huawei’s trademark in dispute (No. 39648856 “Honghu” trademark).

Huawei filed an appeal, requesting to revoke the original judgment and the accused decision on the grounds that the disputed trademark is actually applied to products such as chips (Honghu), and has been widely publicized and applied to a certain degree of popularity and influence, which is sufficient to distinguish it from the cited trademarks.

The Beijing Intellectual Property Court held that the disputed trademark and the cited trademarks “honghu” and “hongfu” differed only by one letter, which constituted similar trademarks.

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