Huawei is Recruiting Developers to Join Huawei Ads

Huawei has officially announced its Ads recruitment program (Huawei Ads), welcoming developers from around the globe to join and expand the value of ecosystem traffic. It is basically for better traffic monetization, earn easy via Huawei Ads Kit.

Join HUAWEI Ads to Share Ecosystem Traffic:

  • Huawei Ads is assigned to one-stop traffic monetization for developers. Based on Huawei device capabilities, Huawei Ads helps developers across the world to obtain high-quality ad content, enrich the user experience, implement quick, high-profit monetization, and achieve business growth.
  • It was launched to markets outside China on January 15, 2020. With powerful ad tech innovation and ecosystem advantages, Huawei Ads provides feasible solutions to address monetization issues for developers.
  • High revenue: Huawei Ads provides developers with high-quality ad resources, high fill rates, and competitive eCPMs based on its close partnership with a large number of advertisers.
  • Attractive incentive policy´╝ÜDevelopers will receive 90% of ad revenue in 2020 and 80% in 2021. After the incentive period, revenue sharing would return to 7:3 which means developers can get 70% of ad revenue.
  • Various innovative ad formats: Huawei Ads provides mainstream ad formats, including native ads, rewarded ads, and banner ads.
  • Consistent visual experience across different devices: Developers can quickly integrate native dynamic templates, reducing ad development time.

Register Now:

If you are a developer join the program and register as soon as possible, the sooner you join in, you can make more money. Huawei Ads can be integrated into an app in as little as three working days.

Developers who register have access to stand-by support from Huawei technical teams, Huawei Developer Day participation privileges, as well as access to various other resources.

Join Huawei Ads right now – Link

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