New Honor TV PLAT 760 gets Bluetooth certification

The PLAT & PLAT- 760 listings on the Bluetooth Launch Studio website confirms the new Huawei/Honor TV. Additionally, it confirms support for the Bluetooth 5.0 standard. Just as you would expect, however, no other details regarding the upcoming TV revealed by the listing.

Huawei/Honor TV (PLAT & PLAT- 760)  Bluetooth certification details:

Declaration ID: D046173
Reference Qualified Designs: 140793 (Host Subsystem), 110549 (Controller Subsystem) & 140717 (Profile Subsystem)
Company: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.
Publish Date: 24-02-2020
Specifications Name: 5.0
Product Category: Audio & Visual
Model Numbers: PLAT & PLAT- 760
Description: TV

Huawei TV bluetooth certification

Huawei/Honor Latest News:

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