Huawei shows Kirin chip business timeline of 2019

In 2019, Kirin released a number of chip products that continue to evolve 5G and AI technologies. The company launched Kirin 990 series, Baron 5000, Huawei Mate 30 series, Honor V30 series, Huawei nova 6 series, Huawei Mate X, Mate 20X 5G version. Now let’s have a look at the company’s Kirin chip business timeline of 2019.


Kunpeng 920: The industry’s highest performance ARM-based processor


Barron 5000: industry benchmark 5G multimode terminal chip


Barron 5000 and Keysight demonstrate 3.3Gbps high-speed download.


China Mobile successfully opened the 2.6GHz frequency band based on Baron 5000 chip and centralized SA architecture end-to-end 5G First Call.


Rohde & Schwarz successfully debugs 5G NR mobile phone signaling test solution based on Baron 5000


Huawei and China Unicom complete the first 5G terminal chip based Baron 5000 business application verification


Anritsu successfully implements 5G SA and NSA signaling calls based on Baron 5000 chip.


Kirin 980 wins TD-LTE Global Development Initiative (GTI) mobile technology innovation breakthrough award.


Barron 5000 joint industry activates GCF’s world’s first 5G terminal conformance certification.


Anritsu takes the lead in completing 5G RF compliance testing in the industry based on Huawei Barron 5000.


Huawei cooperates with Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. to complete end-to-end services and interoperability testing based on 3GPP R15 standard using Baron 5000 chip.


Barron 5000 is the first to pass the China 5G enhanced technology R & D test terminal chip test organized by the IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group.


Huawei and China Mobile jointly complete the world’s first 2.6G NR 2CC CA test based on Barron 5000 chip.


Barron 5000 and Kirin 980 both won the authoritative award of the World Smart Mobile Terminal Industry Summit “Product Technology Progress Gold Award”.


Barron 5000 takes the lead in passing air interface interoperability testing in China’s 5G enhanced technology R & D test.


“China Telecom Terminal Insights Report (2018-2019)” released, Kirin 980 helps Huawei Mate 20 Pro to become the AI model with the best comprehensive communication capabilities and the most satisfied users for the price above 3500 yuan.


Huawei Mate 20X equipped with Baron 5000 chip opens the world’s first 5G VoNR (voice + video) call.


Kirin 810: the first mobile AI chip with Huawei self-developed DaVinci architecture.


“China Mobile 2019 Intelligent Hardware Quality Report (Phase 1)” was released, Barron 5000 won the first overall evaluation of 5G chip performance, Huawei Mate 20X equipped with Kirin 980+ Barron 5000 became the best 5G mobile phone.


Barron 5000 Receives 5G Enhanced Technology R & D Test Certificate from IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group

In 2019, Kirin chips won many industry-leading awards for their outstanding 5G, AI technology, and excellent comprehensive performance experience.


Ascend 910 & MindSpore: the most powerful AI processor and full-scene AI computing framework.


Kirin 980 and Kirin 810 win SAIL Excellence Awards.


Kirin 990 series: Huawei’s latest generation of flagship mobile phone chips, the first 5G SoC Kirin 990 5G brings fast connection.


At IFA 2019, Kirin 990 5G won the “Best of IFA” awards from a number of overseas authoritative media such as Android Central and Newsweek.


“China Telecom’s 2019 Terminal Insights Report” was released, Kirin 990 5G won the first comprehensive AI capability, and Kirin 810 performed best in sub-flag chips.


Kirin A1: The world’s first BT / BLE dual-mode 5.1 wearable chip.

2019 is the first year of 5G commercialization. In just one year, 5G has entered every 5G mobile phone from a distant technology concept, which has gone through a lot of industrial tests and business verification.

Among them, Barron 5000, as the industry’s benchmark 5G multimode chip, is the first to jointly carry out tests with important instrument and meter manufacturers and operators in the industry to comprehensively accelerate the development of the 5G industry.


The authoritative consulting agency of the technology industry, Linley Group, released an analysis report and highly praised the Kirin 990 5G. It believes that this chip can fully win both the 5G and AI that symbolize the future, and its comprehensive strength is leading in the chip industry.


Kunpeng 920 won the Leading Scientific and Technological Achievement Award of the Sixth World Internet Conference.


Kirin 990 5G Annual Best Terminal Solution Award awarded to 5G Terminal Innovation Summit 2019.


“China Mobile 2019 Intelligent Hardware Quality Report” was released. Kirin 990 5G ranked first in 5G multi-antenna throughput performance, typical scenario power consumption performance, chip weak coverage performance test, and comprehensive performance test.


Titanium Media awarded Kirin 990 5G 2019 cutting-edge technology product award.


“China Mobile 2019 Intelligent Hardware Quality Report (Second Phase)” award ceremony was held, Kirin 990 5G won the best 5G chip award, becoming the only 5G chip winner.

Based on the continuous pursuit of superior user experience, from the perspective of the user, Kirin Chip faces the forthcoming future of 5G and AI technology. Kirin Chip will continue to rely on its outstanding 5G connection strength and AI wisdom to bring more mobile users faster and more Powerful 5G terminal experience.

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