Huawei launched best 5G network including the first 800G module

Huawei today at the 2020 Product Solution Conference in London, Peng Song, President of Huawei ’s Operator BG Marketing and Solution Sales Department, released the best 5G network, including the first 800G module in the industry. The new AAU enables 5G to Reduce network power consumption by 20%.

It includes a series of product solutions, such as the simplified radio access network (RAN), smart IP network, ultra-high-bandwidth transport network, green connections, and AI-enabled end-to-end 5G services.

He says 5G commercial success should begin with the best 5G network.It should have minimalist, intelligent, ultra-wide, green, and end-to-end AI capabilities. The best 5G network released by Huawei this time is not just a simple slogan. It includes a series of minimalist RAN, intelligent IP networks, ultra-wide transmission networks, green connections, and AI-enabled end-to-end 5G services.

  • Simplified RAN accelerates 5G deployment
  • Smart IP network leads the industry in supporting committable SLA
  • Ultra-high-bandwidth transport network with the industry’s first 800G module
  • Green connections lower the power consumption of 5G sites
  • AI-enabled, end-to-end 5G delivery opens the way to a digital, intelligent era.

The third-generation Massive MIMO supports 64T64R, which is lightweight and easy to deploy; BladeAAU achieves active and passive integration of all frequency bands below 6GHz, which greatly reduces site acquisition time; Ultra-wideband 400MHz AAU, leading the industry generation.

5G AAU uses a highly integrated self-developed chip, which reduces power consumption by more than 15%; AI enables PowerStar solutions to achieve multi-standard and multi-band collaboration and further reduces the overall power consumption by 15% -20%

Peng Song said: “The best 5G network released today is just the tip of Huawei’s innovation iceberg.

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